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    About Florida Jujitsu, Inc.

    Florida Jujitsu, Inc. is the vehicle to bring Olympic-quality amateur athletic Jujitsu competition to the State of Florida.  Jujitsu is an approved World Games sport, with the World Games being the third leg of the Olympic family of competition, along with the Summer Games and the Winter Games.

    To gain admission to national competition, which in turn leads to international opportunities representing the United States under the Olympic umbrella, requires a strong statewide organization with a full program of education and training for competitors, judges, and officials, coupled with a statewide system of local and ladder tournaments.

    While there are some excellent individual Jujitsu clubs and schools in the State of Florida, the absence of a highly visible and effective Jujitsu organization at the statewide level adversely impacted Florida-based competitors prior to the creation of Florida Jujitsu, Inc.

    Florida Jujitsu, Inc. is the gateway to authentic national and international Jujitsu competition at the World Games and under the Olympic banner, for amateur Jujitsu competitors in the State of Florida.


    Mission Statement

    To promote growth and development in amateur Jujitsu so that everyone having a desire to do so may profit from the physical, moral, and mental benefits derived from participation in this sport, wherever they may reside within the State of Florida; to exercise exclusive authority and responsibility at the state level, in and for the State of Florida, within the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation, the National Governing Body for the sport of Jujitsu in the United States; and, to sponsor, regulate, sanction, and award Jujitsu Championships on behalf of United States Ju-Jitsu Federation on the local and state levels and to encourage and sponsor participation on the national, international, and Olympic level of amateur Jujitsu competition by members of Florida Jujitsu, Inc.

    Our Vision

    To establish Florida Jujitsu, Inc. as the premier state organization within the United States Jujitsu Federation, maintaining throughout the State of Florida, uniform rules and standards for the practice of amateur Jujitsu including, but not limited to, national quality Jujitsu competition, judging and officiating, with the award of appropriate Jujitsu credentials and recognitions, provided in an environment of mutual respect, civility and dignity. In furtherance of this vision, Florida Jujitsu, Inc. will sanction and host workshops, seminars, conferences, camps and other activities designed to develop Jujitsu coaches, trainers, athletes, judges, officials, and knowledgeable staff and support personnel.

    Our Values

    In one-on-one athletic competition, one person will win and one person will lose.  The goal in amateur athletic competition must never be simply to win. It must be to win with honor. Since the winner could not prevail without the assistance of the loser, there is an aesthetic and ethical balance between the two contestants, each meeting on the level and doing their individual best at that particular moment. To win without that parity of engagement, is to not win. If a contest has been won with honor, dignity must be shown in equal amounts to both contestants. Honor, dignity, humility, respect, courage and personal integrity are the values of Florida Jujitsu, Inc.