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    How To Chose the Right Ju-Jitsu School for Your Family

    Ju-Jitsu is much more than just a martial art or sport. For many people it’s a way of life. That is why choosing the right school at which to begin your Ju-Jitsu journey shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ju-Jitsu, translated to the ‘gentle art’ promotes physical fitness, self confidence, discipline, friendship and comroderie, and where you do your training will affect all of these aspects greatly.

    If you’re a seasoned Ju-Jitsu player you most likely already know this, but as a parent or beginner it is important to select a school or program that meets your specific needs. Children especially will benefit from the proper training atmosphere at a certified school.

    Although location and price are things to consider, instructor qualifications and organization should top the list of things to look for. If you want the best in sports Ju-Jitsu training that is affiliated with the World Games then you want an instructor and school that belongs to Florida Jujitsu.

    We can assure you that at a Florida Jujitsu school you are made to feel welcome and treated with respect, you can make an informed assumption that the level of ego is kept in check at our schools. Respect and Self-Discipline are the hallmarks of our training programs.

    The following are a few more things to consider when choosing a Ju-jitsu school:

    1.The school MUST have a qualified instructor. Many traditional martial arts schools are now offering ‘jiu-jitsu’ programs looking to capitalize on BJJ’s exploding popularity. It is also important to realize that just because someone has reached a certain belt rank in jiu-jitsu it doesn’t make them a quality instructor. Certain people have what it takes to convey their lessons in an understandable manner, and some don’t. That is why joining an official Florida Jujitsu school is important.

    2.The school MUST allow you to set your own goals, whether they be physical fitness, self-defense or to train for competition. You don’t want to feel forced to enter areas of the sport that you aren’t comfortable with. Not everyone who walks onto a Ju-Jitsu academy is looking to become a world champion, and at Florida Jujitsu our instructors and coaches are OK with that. We teach a total mind, body and spirit development that goes far beyond the aspects of sports training.

    3.The school MUST be clean and orderly. Any professional school should be well kept, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Not only is a messy gym dangerous due to trip hazards and lost equipment, it is an indicator that the mats aren’t kept clean. Dirty mats are a breeding ground for infections such as Staph, Ringworm and Impetigo.

    The importance of choosing the right Ju-Jitsu school cannot be stressed enough and should not be taken lightly. Many schools have a trial period, whether it be for one free week of training or one free class. It is worthwhile to take advantage of these trial periods before making your decision to join an academy. However, before you are allowed to join any Florida Jujitsu program as a student you will first be evaluated by the chief instructor for approval. If you demonstrated the propper effort and attitude during your trial sessions then you can expect an invitation to join the school. Membership at a Florida Jujitsu School is a priveledge.